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Key Tattoos And Their Meanings

Key Tattoos
 One of our loyal visitors Romi sent me a mail and requested to publish some key tattoos. He also asked me to unveil the meaning of key in the tattoo world.  So i am publishing this article on the request of Romi. Our Friday special mainly consists of requests from our visitors. If you want to request some thing for the upcoming friday, just leave a comment or mail us through contact form.

Key has diverse meanings.
A key in our daily life has multiple meanings. It is a part of our proverbs and stories. A fantasy story is almost incomplete without a golden key to unlock a treasure. I better remember the words of my uncle when he used to narrate the only proverb he knew "hard work is the key to success". We daily use keys to lock and unlock things. A key tattoo can better portray a locking of two hearts in love, un locking of one's heart by one's key. 
                                                   Key and lock protrays love bound/bond

love lock and key

Key and lock tattoos are also used on a single body to show specific meanings. Some people have a tatoo of locked arm and they too have the key to unlock it. So what they want to display is that thay can unlock their arm at any moment so we need be careful!!

lock and key tattoo

 Some people directly relate specific key tattoos to one's destiny. If you have a destiny key tattoo somewhere on your body things are going to be fine then.

luck key tattoo on chest

Why keys are used as tattoos by most of the people?
The very first thing which people consider before actually going for a tattoo is it's size. Because getting a tattoo is not that simple. It's a painful experince both for body and pocket. So most of the people search for a simple, small but meaningful and awesome tattoo. And as i think a key tattoo can have all of these features.
  FLT team thanks Romi for his request!! We encourage our visitors to suggest content they love.



  1. I have a key tattoo and the reason why I got it was because I love the mystery that keys hold. A key can unlock a literal door, cabinet, or chest. Or it can unlock a secret or the past. I also collect skeleton keys which is another reason why I got mine.